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Sermon for Acts 2: 1-21, Pentecost B, "Nothing But Fire Kindles Fire"

“Nothing But Fire Kindles Fire” is a Pentecost sermon interpretation of Acts 2: 1- 21.        Some years ago, I discovered and learned three favorite quotations from theologians of a generation ago  (Brooks, Fosdick and Spurgeon), and these three quotations penetrate the heart of Pentecost. The first quotation is this: “Nothing but fire kindles fire.” […]

Sermon for John 3: 1- 17, "Nicodemus, Born of Water and Spirit"

“Nicodemus, Born of Water and Spirit” is a sermon interpretation of John 3: 1-17.  There are times when life gets a little stale, boring and empty, when you do the same things over and over and over again.  You go through the motions but that inner motivation is not there.       It happens to us […]


Mark 5: 21-43, Pentecost 4 B, "If Only I Could Touch His Garment"

“If only I could touch his garment” is a sermon interpretation of Mark 5: 21-43.       How does such a primitive, magical, superstitious story apply to our scientific generation more than twenty centuries later? How does a story like this, of a woman who faith seems almost magical, apply to us who live in a technological […]


Sermon for Mark 6: 1-13, Pentecost 5 B, "Home Town Unwelcome"

“Home Town Unwelcome” is a sermon interpretation of Mark 6: 1-13.   Any preacher,  pastor or prophet would love to be welcomed to their hometown with a sign like the following photo, with his or her name of course.                Its Friday night and Jesus was coming into his home town and home sanctuary.  Let […]

Mark 6: 30-34, 53-56, Pentecost 7 B, "Rest Area"

"Rest Area"  is a sermon interpretation of  Mark 6: 30-34, 53-56.  There are signs and areas along every major freeway for travelers to rest and stretch their legs.  Let these signs be a metaphor, a reminder that every individual needs a rest area, a time away from the stresses and hurried routines of our lives. […]

John 6: 1-21, Pentecost 8 B, "Favorite Story"

“Favorite Story” is a sermon interpretation of John 6:1-21.  We all have those old favorite stories that we share with our old favorite family and friends.  When you get together with certain family members or friends, the conversation will get around to an old favorite story which begins with,  “Do you remember that time when….”  […]

John 6:24-35, Pentecost 9 B, “The Bread of Life”

Theme:  “The Bread of Life” is a sermon interpretation of John 6: 24-35.                 I recently visited our grocery store and discovered that the row of bread in our grocery store is seven shelves high and forty-five feet long. This forty-five foot row of bread is divided as follows and I believe that this […]

Ephesians 4: 25-5:2, Pentecost 10 B, “Be Angry”

“Be Angry”  reflections on Ephesians 4:25-26. “Put away falsehood and speak the truth.” What an appropriate text for our day and time. We are bombarded daily with conflicting reports, what is the truth about the stimulus package, whose taxes will increase, what is the truth about health care reform, about global warming, about Freddie and […]

John 6:51-58, Pentecost 11 B, ”Living Bread”

Sermon notes for John 6:51-58.                Usually in the church, when we think about and contemplate the meaning of the Last Supper, we think of Holy Thursday in the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.  It was the Passover Meal.  There was unleavened bread and wine at the Jewish Passover. But in the Gospel […]

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