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Acts 2: 1-21, Pentecost, Breaking the Sound Barrier

Theme:  The Holy Spirit, poured out on the church, opens pathways of communication, enabling the Gospel to break through the multiple barriers to our hearing. Barriers are also broken down to enable us to to communicate with one another and with God. A lot of the big church fights of the last thirty years or […]


Matthew 7: 21-29, Pentecost 2, Building on sand or rock

     Did you ever make sand castles when you were a child? I had a sandbox, a plastic bucket, shovel, some cookie cutters, and with a little water, I could make the sand castles of my childhood dreams. Making sand castles in my sand box was part of my early childhood, and may have been […]


Matthew 9: 9-13, Pentecost 3, A despised tax collector

In today’s world in America, what do you think is the most despicable occupation? According to a Harris poll, accountants were at the very bottom of the list with only 14% of Americans thinking that accountants had an honorable occupation. Others at the bottom of the list were bankers, business people, lawyers and journalists and […]


Matthew 10:34-39, Christ Brings Suffering , Pentecost 5 A

One of the meanings of this Biblical passage is the awareness that struggle and suffering are part of discipleship. Being a Christian involves struggle. Unfortunately, many people want to eliminate the struggle from life and also eliminate the struggle from following Christ. Such people end up being weak, weak Christians. There was this amateur naturalist […]


Genesis 22:1-14, Pentecost 6 A, Surrendering Your Isaac

  Theme:  surrendering to God that which is most precious or valuable to us. Often times when a loved one is sick, we have no choice but to surrender our loved one into the hands of a loving God.  There is that time when you finally give the life of your mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, […]


Matthew 13: 1-23; Pentecost 8 A, "Producing Results"

   Imagine yourself in the winter, thinking about springtime, and plans for your garden. You’re looking thru the seed catalogue and you find seeds that make really, really big tomato plants with big tomatoes. So you order some of the seeds from the catalogue, they come in the mail, you put them with your gardening […]


Matthew 13: 24 – 43; Pentecost 9 A, "Final Judgment Call"

Theme: Like an umpire, God makes the final judgment call. The word for weeds is a technical Greek word that needs to be explained since it unlocks the meaning of the story.  The Greek word for weeds is “zizania” which is a very particular type of weed that looks just like wheat as it is […]


Matthew 13: 31 – 52; Pentecost 10 A, "From Seed to Tree"

I remember one of the most difficult days of my life. It was the funeral for Patti Arnold. Patti Arnold, thirty-nine years old, had cancer.  Her maiden name was Colello and she was Italian, pure Italian. Her family owned an Italian grocery story and she was the most fireball woman I had ever met in […]

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