Mark 5: 21-43, Pentecost 4 B, "If Only I Could Touch His Garment"

“If only I could touch his garment” is a sermon interpretation of Mark 5: 21-43.       How does such a primitive, magical, superstitious story apply to our scientific generation more than twenty centuries later? How does a story like this, of a woman who faith seems almost magical, apply to us who live in a technological [...]

Sermon for John 3: 1- 17, "Nicodemus, Born of Water and Spirit"

"Nicodemus, Born of Water and Spirit" is a sermon interpretation of John 3: 1-17.  There are times when life gets a little stale, boring and empty, when you do the same things over and over and … [Read More...]

John 6: 56-69, Pentecost 12 B, “Rocky Road”

“Rocky Road” is a sermon interpretation of John 6: 56-69.  There are rocks, stumbling blocks in the road of life that threaten us emotionally and spiritually.            In Biblical times, people walked on dirt paths.   That is the way people traveled in those days and some still do today. As people in Biblical times walked [...]

John 6: 1-21, Pentecost 8 B, "Favorite Story"

“Favorite Story” is a sermon interpretation of John 6:1-21.  We all have those old favorite stories that we share with our old favorite family and friends.  When you get together with certain family members or friends, the conversation will get around to an old favorite story which begins with,  “Do you remember that time when….”  [...]