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Mark 13: 24-37, First Sunday of Advent, "A State of Readiness"

   Theme:  A state of readiness to meet God face to face. It was January 27, 1986. We were getting ready. The whole nation was getting ready. It was going to be a great day.  All eyes were watching the television sets. It was going to be the “all time greatest” space launching. We had […]


Mark 1: 1-8, 2nd Sunday of Advent, "The Wilderness or the City"

  Theme:  Finding God in the wilderness or the city? From the back of the church, you hear the sound of a ram horn and there is silence….  total silence.     Today is the day of John the Baptist. Today is an invitation is given to you and me to prepare for the coming of Christ.  […]


John 1: 6-8, 19-28, 3rd Sunday of Advent, "Voice of God"

Theme:  Everyone needs someone who will speak the truth, be the “voice of God.” There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.  John repeatedly emphasizes that Jesus was “sent from God.” We will hear that the word, “apostles,” means to be “sent” and Christians are to be “sent from God into the […]

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